Monday, July 29, 2013

Day Three : Florence

We are coming to the end of Florence. This was our last full day in town and we decided to spend our time outside of the city in the evening. We had heard about local farms that provide lunch, almost like wine tour vineyards in the Finger Lakes region. But we never found out where said farms were so instead we took a bus out to a nearby town for the best panoramic view of the city with dinner. 

Welcome to Fiesole.

I was downright giddy with each turn of the road and the landscapes it provided.

Finally, with the perfect gelato recently consumed, we strolled through the streets back to our apartment to the faint sounds of music. We took turns to find the source and ended the night with an unplanned concert in the middle of town. It was Rochester Jazz Fest where half the crowd were statues. It was such a beautiful last day there. It's always a blessing to be able to take a trip anywhere but in moments like these, especially, I feel supremely fortunate and undeserving.

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  1. Some gorgeous pictures in here as usual Kelly!! I want to try painting some of these! That one of the blue alleyway with the yellow window... perfection.


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