Monday, July 15, 2013

On top of Pilatus, all covered in cloud

Once we reached the top of my mountain, all we could do was squint. The clouds were so bright around us! When the sun did break through on occasion it was so HOT at the top. I attempted to climb with Chris into the trails along the top but with the lack of sight of our surroundings beyond 3 feet, I just couldn't do it. So instead Chris took the camera and I'm turning this post over to him, in a manner of speaking:

The view looking straight up

p.s. If you read the title of this post in the sing-song "On top of Old Smooookyyyyyy..." then we would be friends. In all seriousness we probably already are, since you're reading this, (or maybe we're related) but hey, this would just prove it even more.

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