Monday, July 22, 2013

Traveling light

While living here in Belgium we've been doing a lot of weekend trips to other countries and cities to get to know this corner of the world. If you check in here regularly, after that sentence your thoughts might be along the lines of "...Uh yeah. We've been seeing pictures of said trips...your point?"

Well, Chris was looking through my camera and he snapped a few of me on our way to some place or other and what you see is what you get. Everything I used on that trip was in that extra-large purse next to me. A purse that my very lovely friend Madison so graciously let me take over the ocean.

When you only have 48 hours or less in a new place, lugging around a big bag is not an option. So we had to become adept at the whole traveling light thing. Packing a change of shirt and wearing a pair of jeans or shorts two days in a row is now common weekend behavior. Visitors, take note, bring a back pack (guys) and a large tote/purse (girls).

Now that summer's here, it's beyond easy. One dress in the purse and you're good to go. Well for me, at least. Chris is still bringing a shirt or two. And it goes without saying, yes, a change of what goes underneath. Mascara, travel-size dry shampoo, passport and lots of tic tacs. It's going to be a cinch traveling with a car next year but I'll definitely miss traveling hobo-chic.

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