Friday, August 9, 2013

Amsterdam for one last time

Erin, David and I took our rental bound for Tomorrowland the next day and took it up to Amsterdam first. I really like this city. I won't say "love" because I think I've been too liberal with that word relating to our trips in the past. But I do really like it. Really. Look at that tug boat towing another little tug. Adorable. 

Cheese tastings are my very favorite part of Amsterdam. Free cheese? As much as I want? Never say no.
And finally, my favorite bird. Who David tried to smack with an umbrella

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  1. My husband keeps telling me that we just have to visit Amsterdam because he's been all over Europe and I have yet to make it. Your photos back his view. Looks like a wonderful time. I especially love the art on the brick walls.


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