Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gardens at Fontainebleau

Friends, allow me to introduce you to my favorite birds in Europe. These little guys are hilarious. Their little squeakhonks are almost cute and the way they chase each other and other birds while running across the water is the greatest thing ever. The first time I saw it happen I was on a run and I stopped in my tracks and tried not to laugh out loud alone on the pathway.

At this moment in time we were deciding where to go next and do you see that row of people hiding in the shade along the poolside to the right? We went to join them....

Unable to nap when only my legs fell asleep from Chris' heavy cranium, I got up to take a stroll through the grounds.

How beautiful, don't you think? And I forgot! A surprise Paris post tomorrow. Something I meant to do last week. The pictures will be low quality but maybe the words will make up for that.

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