Monday, August 26, 2013

Neuschwanstein, at last!

Our first view of the castle! Well, actually not our very frist view, but that was an out-the-window-of-our-over-crowded-bus-through-the-trees-way-up-on-the-hill type of view so that doesn't count. Let me back up though. The first time I heard about this castle I was sitting in a hotel room somewhere in Utah, I believe, in the summer of 2009. My cousin Gina was showing me pictures from past trips while we were on our own very unique trip driving across the United States as she was moving from Philadelphia to L.A. We came to a picture of this castle and I grabbed her arm and said, "Where is this?!" Four years later, my own arrival at Neuschwanstein Castle finally took place.  

It was like Disney for adults. And that's coming from someone who still dreams of trips to the actual Disney. 

A ten minute walk beyond the castle brings you to Marienbrücke, a very high bridge built over a waterfall in 1866. It's since been reinforced (1984 I think) but I still barely made it out onto it at all. Chris bravely crossed the entire thing to see the castle from all angles. I simply could not do it. I made it out for this picture only and then promptly, albeit slowly, made my way back to the safety of solid mountain. 

The castle itself is so majestic and royal. Those adjectives may seem cliche here but how else can I put the feeling of standing in this courtyard into words? It's everything a castle should be. We took the tour of the rooms and I'll share more from that tomorrow but for today, just a few more photographs of the palace that inspired Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle of Disneyland fame. 


  1. Yayyyy Neuschwanstein! I forgot that I told you about it back on our crosscountry trip... looks like you got a beautiful day to see it!!

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