Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Running in Munich (and Moscow)

Time for another running post! While in Munich I was supposed to run twice but the second day we ran out of time (alright, I overslept) so that didn't happen. The first day, however, Chris stayed in the room to take a nap and while we watched the marathon happening in Moscow that very minute, I stepped out the door an onto the streets myself. I had a small route planned to keep myself mostly on gravel paths or parks for just over five miles. Along the way I found...

A Chinese structure
 Boat races on a pond
and art gallery in the middle of the woods
Finally, a giant tulle wedding dress for my friend Elissa who asked me 
to be in her wedding! I'm just trying to be a helpful bridesmaid, right? 

The best part about the run was the fact that I knew miles and miles away, people were racing for the right to be called the fastest marathoner in the world in the Moscow World Championships. In related news, Jeff Eggelston, a Greece Arcadia graduate from Rochester, NY came in 13th during the race with a time of 2:14:23! Go Jeff! And my old teammate Jenn Suhr (Fredonia native, Roberts Wesleyan grad) came in 2nd in the Pole Vault. She boggles my mind. Upstate New York was also represented by Molly Huddle, an Elmira native, who came in 6th (!!!) in the 5000m with a time of 15:05. I love New York.

I'm so inspired!!!

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