Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tomorrowland 2013

We woke up on the morning of the big day with a thunderstorm raging outside our very large windows. Not to be deterred, we grabbed some unused trash bags, cut in some head and arm holes and were on our way with eight 5-hour energy drinks, four change of clothes, three red bulls two american-flag clad outfits and a partridge in a pear tree.

It's Belgium. Of course we ate fries for lunch. 
Chris' naked-trash-bag look was so hilarious. I cannot look at pictures like this without cracking up. As we walked through security Chris was the only one to be patted down, I'm guessing they were checking to make sure there were shorts underneath that lovely ensemble. 
Story behind this photo: A man with a rather large Canon camera said he'd take the picture for us and when I handed him the ipod he said jokingly "Now where should I press to take the photo...?" as he waves his own iphone. But then we stood there for a good 8 seconds posing before he says, "Oh, I think I am taking a video. Whoops" Tired from posing, our smiles must have drooped a little because when he figured out how to change back to photo-mode he said, "Where is the excitement!? This is Tomorrowland!" or something like that. Hence the two screamys, David's confusion and my non-eyes.  
 It's hard to rage from 1pm to 1am so we took it easy in the beginning and rode the Cloud Rider while the day gained momentum.
When we descended from the Ferris Wheel, lo and behold, it cleared up! It was sunny and beautiful all day long. The clouds came back on us for the last hour and a half and we got completely soaked but more on that in a bit.
Oh, just a giant bubble machine being pushed around the festival. This is like Disney for young adults.
Unfortunately for Chris, I needed to take a break in the middle of one of his favorite artists. It was only the second day of "resting my leg" since I'd discovered my new injury and it was time for a much-needed sit-down session. While we sat we made friends with a London-living Aussie who was thrilled to meet others who weren't 21 or younger. 
After this photo we made our way back to the Main Stage to set up for the rest of the night. Even though there were over 130,000 people all at this one stage, we found room to dance and I didn't feel claustrophobic in the least. Which I can't say for many Rochester DJ events that I've been to. Belgium does electronic music events right.
This is me, riding on top of Chris' shoulders. Erin and David had left us to get water and after fifteen minutes or so I told Chris to put me up in an effort to give them someone to look for. But really, I just wanted to see the view from up there. After watching others all day do the same, I was curious and now that it was dark, I was also brave. It was the last ten minutes before the rain came, perfect timing. I forgot to look for Erin and David, I was having so much fun, but somehow, someway they did find us in the center of the crowd. I can't believe they did in the dark in that humongous crowd! Chris had a friend from soccer who said he was in the center of the floor at the Main Stage too but we never saw him. 

Video from the top with my camera facing backwards. Look at that crowd! 

It was the night of A's: Axwell then Avicii then Armin Van Buuren in a lightning storm. This is the last video for the post, one of the greatest parts of Axwell's set. It's quieter because I'm pretty sure my finger was over the microphone...

And then the rain came. Although many, many people exited the area, we remained until the end, in our new, free ponchos. I mean, come on people! Once in a lifetime concert happening right here! Wasn't this supposed to be the happy-go-lucky, nothing-gets-them-down crowd that we heard so much about? I guess I was surprised to see anyone go but hey, if I had been one of those camping in the nearby fields...I guess I might have tried to stay a little dry.

One last look at it all. David took this photo and I'm borrowing it to share with you all. I always forget about the panorama option. This was the last DJ before the rain came and what a beautiful show it made. Even with the rain we had such a great time! This is the end of Tomorrowland recap for awhile. Once the official 2013 video goes up I'll share it here but don't expect to see us in it. I did happen to find us in Axwell's full set video but Chris and I look pretty beat. We obviously weren't going for "best dressed" or even "camera ready" at this thing. Erin looks fantastic in it but I'll let her share that with the world if she so chooses.

I have to say. We have done some pretty amazing and life-changing things while living here in Europe. This day and night is at the top of the charts when it comes to rating them. We will never experience something quite like this again. Thank you, Erin, for introducing us to this music in the first place and for traveling to Belgium and coming with us to this wonderful festival. I've never seen so many nationalities in one place and I have rarely been in a festival situation like this where everyone is pleasant, happy and mostly courteous while being in such close quarters for 14 hours straight. One hundred percent joyful. We may have to try out the new TomorrowWorld in Georgia, USA sometime, but nothing will be like this day.

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