Monday, September 2, 2013

2 years

It's our second anniversary today. We are celebrating in London this year! A few months after our wedding we put on our wedding-day-best and took to the park for some fun being fancy. On our actual wedding day I hadn't wanted to set a lot of time aside for pictures since that was not what I wanted the focus of our day to be. It definitely wasn't. We spent our day stealing looks at each other through the ceremony, enjoying our family and friends and dancing all night long. Not for one minute do I regret our lack of photos. (But that might also be because our wedding video was awesome...still can't get enough of it.)

I had originally wanted an autumn wedding but with coaching Cross Country every weekend and Chris beginning graduate school it just didn't seem logical. To make up for the change of plans, our lovely friends Kelli and Dan agreed to be photographer and posing coordinator. It was a perfect day; the beginning of fall. Every time I look at these photos I feel the same joy as the day I said "I do" for real.

I'm so in love with you, Chris. It has been a crazy second year, the whole thing spent in Europe relying solely on each other. It's hard to believe that I could love you more than I did on our wedding day, but I do and I think I'll let it keep on going that way. Happy Anniversary love!


  1. Happy Anniversary. We hope you had a great time in London.

  2. Happy Anniversary you two, love seeing these pictures again:) oxox


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