Monday, September 16, 2013

Chatsworth Country Fair

Did I mention, on the grounds of the Chatsworth Estate was a Country Fair, how sweet is that? It's a two post day today because the plane really ties in with this fair, it's the reason it was there, after all. 

Following the house tour we spent several hours slowly moseying through the crowds, of which I believe we were the only out-of-town tourists. Ponies, rides, treats, meats, boots, dogs and donkeys: Summer-festival heaven. 

Chris eating the "best cheeseburger I've ever had" ... that was my cheeseburger.

We missed out on so many festivals back home that this was a taste of that. The size of this place is in no way represented in these photographs at all but that's because my hands were generally filled with sample snacks. There were just rows and rows of good things to look at and eat and buy. I didn't buy anything, sad but responsible. Just so many good things to eat, though! I'm hungry typing this. Can someone send over some treats? Apartment 0401. Never mind, I'm making pasta.

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