Friday, September 6, 2013



Sometimes I wish I'd have some of my usual support system here for this race. Then when moments of doubt attack, I'm glad it will be only Chris, in case I fail. Either way, one month from now, the race will be almost over and by the time it's finished for good my support system will be awake in New York and I can let them know the outcome.

The following is an image moments after the last race I ever ran as a collegiate athlete. Taken by numero uno of my fan club (or numero uno/dos because I think Mom and Dad tie for one and two):

Oh man, just looking at this picture brings back the pain I felt the last two laps of that race. Lets hope that I can take half as decent a picture at the end of 26.2 miles. I want to push myself at least half as hard as this race which is saying something because I killed myself to be as fast as I could in my "last race ever"

Time to be courageous. One month. 

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  1. Just marked our calendar Kelly, you will be in our thoughts & prayers on your marathon day, even if we are sleepng, we know you can do it!! Love, Mom & Dad M.


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