Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gardens at Chatsworth

It goes without saying that the gardens at Chatsworth are beautiful. 

Trying to look unimpressed so that Mr. Owl will think I'm cool.

After we left the grounds we walked back to the bus stop for our train ride back into London. I love the subtle, romantic English countryside. I am completely taken in by it.

One of our future returns to Europe will have to include an extended stay in England. I want to spend a few weeks travelling through it, especially the Bakewell peak district where Chatsworth resides. There are so many walks I found online and heard about from friends that we simply didn't have enough time to look into on our short trip. As much as I love these cities that we've been to, the jaunts into the countryside are usually at the top of my list and something I look into whenever we can afford to do so.

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