Friday, September 20, 2013

London Bus #11 (aka secret super-cheap touristy time)

Our last morning in London, on our second wedding anniversary date, we decided to sleep in, take an easy day and just relax. So we literally sat back and relaxed in the front row on the top of the #11 double decker bus and rode from Liverpool Street Station to Chelsea. It's a little-known "tourist-stop" bus that is definitely cheaper than the hop on-off ones you see in all the major cities but it hit a lot of the iconic locations of London. We declined the hop-off part of the experience this time around and instead just enjoyed the sights.

Then it was a quick walk to counteract our stagnant morning and back to reality and our favorite sushi for the anniversary dinner (with Amber too!). Tomorrow morning Chris' brother Ryan and his wife Anna arrive! We've got a few things planned for their trip here including a four day stay in Tuscany! We are most definitely going back to Florence and eating one of those amazing sandwiches and some of the best gelato in the world soon after. Monday starts up the recap with Gina and Dave which is fitting because that is when they will finally return to the US after a three week hiatus. Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the last few glimpses of summer!

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