Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Prague II

After visiting the palace in Prague the clouds started to separate from the the thick blanket of gray that they were when we went in. The Charles Bridge was packed with tourists so we viewed it from afar from a secret viewing point Chris read about. Just as good. Its construction began in 1357. 1357! I just can't get over that. 

The history in this country blows me away. My aunt and uncle who we traveled with had hosted an exchange student from Prague for ten months in this last school year so we connected with her every step of the way on this trip. Seeing Prague with a tour guide from the area was really wonderful but the best part was getting out to some special parts of the countryside with Anna and her father as well. I can't wait until you travel out into it with us through posts coming up. But hold on, I'm getting ahead of myself. Back to the city for a bit. 

 Peeking in to the old Jewish cemetery.
We were all baffled as to why they would ever have built buildings in front of this grand church. Just...why?
These two photos, above and below, are views from our apartment. Yeah. I'd say it was our best airbnb yet.

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