Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Running in London (baby!)

The TV show 'Friends' is so ingrained in my mind that almost every time I think the word "London" I hear Joey saying "London, baby!" so there's the explanation for that title and now we can move on.

It's another "Running in Foreign Cities" post! This time my mileage for the day was a bit longer than a usual non-Leuven run. I actually mapped it out beforehand and had screen shots of every turn and street change in my iPod but even then I got lost and added on a little over two miles. Two miles may not be a lot on a normal day; five to seven, four to six. However, I was already planning on running fifteen miles that day...so those last two miles were reallllllly tough. I guess that's why it's important to do "dress rehearsal" runs during marathon training. I know now that I need more than one gel during even a 17 mile run and water is so imperative during each intake. But this is boring so lets just run through London together!

These first several photos are all from Regents Park. It was my first time here and I could have just done loops around it, finding every hidden gem.
From Kensington Palace Gardens to Hyde Park...
Heron! or Crane! or something similar to my favorite bird!
Three ugly ducklings, two bears and one Peter Pan
and now it's time for a sit down.
 ...I swear I'm running pretty hard during this despite picture taking...

By the time I saw this sight, the finale to the longest London run I'll ever do, I almost wanted to cry I was so hungry. Chris was waiting for me outside the doors because the two miles had added more than a few minutes to a run-time that I had already miscalculated. It was making him nervous. After admittedly less stretching than I should have done, Chris took my arm and we walked right inside to breakfast. The English really know how to do breakfast which made everything right and good in the world at that moment.

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