Friday, September 27, 2013

Running in Prague

Last inside moment before we hit the cobblestones and head out for a 6am run!
There were so few tourists out besides us. But we're runners...does that make us different? Funny enough, as I'm typing this I'm remembering that there were several other runners we came across who were also snapping photos.
The quietest we saw the Charles Bridge all weekend.

Craziest lock bridge I've seen in Europe.
The Lennon wall. 
The end. 

I've only got a few more must-run days in other countries before the marathon and then we'll see how motivated I am to get up and run before the day starts while we're on vacation. I just might have to in Scotland. Ooo and Barcelona. Vienna! Okay, there will be more posts. Scratch that earlier wavering statement.

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