Monday, September 16, 2013

Twirling and Swirling

Upon exiting the Chatsworth House we noticed everyone on the grounds standing with their necks craned, eyes to the sky. I wondered the cause until I heard the plane a split second later and we joined the crowd to watch the one man air show.

This seemed an appropriate mini post for today as we arrived back from Prague this morning. An extra delight was that we shared a flight back to Brussels with the my aunt and uncle, the Florios! It was hard parting with Gina and Dave after such a fantastic visit but I think bleary-eyed hugs at 4:30am made the process a little smoother. The rest of London this week and cousin-aunt-uncle and moooooore to come. I'll be editing pictures and doing laundry all day today and I'm actually excited about it (whatiswrongwithme).

Happy Monday!

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