Monday, September 9, 2013


Last Friday afternoon we left Brussels bound for London. The unfortunate thing about every trip so far to London has been train delays. It's something about that Chunnel that messes with our schedule every time. This time we were more than a little nervous when they announced the expected half hour delay because we had solid plans only an hour after our proposed arrival. Wicked was waiting for us.

intermission photo

It turned out that everything went fairly smoothly even with the delays. We were traveling light out of habit and thank goodness because we didn't have any time to check in to the hotel first. Jumping on a tube straight from St. Pancras, we found ourselves coming out from the underground directly across from the theater entrance.

We literally walked through the theater doors, were greeted with a look at our tickets, directed straight up the stairs, met by another theater employee in the balcony and directed a second time to our seats all within a minute and 20 seconds. We sat down, pushed our bags beneath our seats, the lights dimmed and the show began.


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