Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Apartment 10 in Greece

It was October while we were there. Oc-to-ber. Incredible. I can see why people move to warm-weather climates and islands specifically. Being a lover of all things autumn and then winter with the sparkling snow (but only until New Years) I could never do this. But I suppose a vacation to one every once in awhile would be nice. Chris, on the other hand, would definitely move here indefinitely.

These were our views. Everything in this post is from the lawn of the apartment...which is this yellow and blue loveliness. It also came with a three-legged friend named Roger. He was awesome. He'd come hopping over as soon as we came out of apartment. At first he was timid but then once we gave him some treats he lost all that shyness in his quest for food. It's like me at parties where I don't know many people... 

One last goodbye to Roger on our final morning there.

Only a few more posts from Greece and then we are recapping Megan and Sean's trip here which is on it's last full day today. I'm sad for them to go home but not nearly as sad as I was with the first few waves of visitors because this time I get to see them so soon afterwards. 48 days left!

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