Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bruges and Brussels in September

We've decided that each set of guests needs to see some of these European canal cities. Basically that means they each have a decision between Amsterdam and Bruges. Now, Amsterdam requires quite a bit more of a journey either in time or in money or both so usually we recommend Bruges to those who didn't plan ahead with high-speed train tickets to Amsterdam. Hence, Anna and Ryan in Bruges!

We came home after the outing to meet up with Chris and get dinner. Brussels was our next stop with them in Belgium. This is a non-negotiable visit. These waffles top almost every other version we've had in this country. The only exception are the waffles in Liege which come in vanilla-cinnamon flavor or chocolate bar-stuffed. So they're completely different. And the deciding factor is really just that, well, Brussels is closer. 

They never disappoint. Maybe with the exception of Dave who, when he visited, thought that the teeny tiny fork given with the dessert is a cruel joke played on tourists by the Belgian waffle houses. It really might be. But when that minuscule fork breaks, I go for it with my hands. Not pretty, still delicious. 

Chris felt left out. I'm always taking everyone else's picture with these waffles hah! 

Tomorrow we head into Greece! 

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