Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Castle hunting

After the trails we got into our rental and went on a treasure hunt. For castles! We had five on our list and made it to four. The fourth we definitely passed enroute to the fifth but we aren't sure we truly saw a castle where it was supposed to be so we kept on driving. Luxembourg is a tiny country, as you know, but we literally drove across it in less than an hour. The three hours it took to get there and the three back we mostly driven in other countries. Enough about that though, on to the castle hunt!

We spent the most time at this first castle. Here you are able to go into the ruins and read about what each room was originally. I really loved imagining what used to be and who used to live there, spending time in those rooms. 
Then castle two...
castle three...
and lastly, castle four.

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