Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Český Krumlov I

After the small farm town in the middle of nowhere, we traveled just a short thirty minutes to Český Krumlov and its beautiful castle! We happened to be there in time for the late afternoon golden hour. Eight of us journeyed from Prague to this town and the 13th century castle. 

They've been keeping bears on the premises for centuries and that hasn't changed. 

This is the castle in its entirety. It evolved over the centuries with Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance features, a mixed mash that comes together beautifully inside. We stopped at this panoramic view for awhile and posed...everyone got in on it! 

Panoraaammmmaaa... these two are hilarious.
Gina is too!

A few interior views coming tomorrow...shhh. They may or may have not been allowed. Kelly strikes again, sneak attack style.

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