Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Florence (and food)

Florence!!! Oh, how I love thee. Of course because you're beautiful. But. Honestly. You've got the best food...

Gimme another one of those sandwiches. Or some strawberry gelato! Ahh! I must be hungry. It's all I can think about while writing this post. Food from Firenze. I better eat something before I go on or I might only talk food the rest of this post. Be righttttt...

...back. I had pasta, of course. Were you wondering? Probably not. Moving right along... When we entered into Florence we noticed barriers being set up along some of the roads. Turns out there was a huge cycling event happening right in the city. Possibly one of the largest...the Road World Championships! We happened upon the race course as it goes by the Duomo. Right on time! 

For dinner we went back to a restaurant we visited with Chris' parents during their visit. So unbelievably delicious. But here I am again talking about food.

It was wonderful to catch a glimpse of the sunset one last time in Italy before returning to Belgium and its clouds. Okay, I'll admit it was sunny here for a good week after Ryan and Anna left. The clouds are a recent, and very unwelcome, constant addition. I've been keeping the blinds closed and the twinkle lights on, pretending it's night time and getting in the Christmas spirit...can you tell I'm ready for the U.S. of A.? (I am) Luckily for me...MEGAN AND SEAN ARE HERE!!! I'll be doing more catching up posts while they stay with us but here's to a grand finale of all the visits we had!


  1. Love these pictures and the memories of being there with you & Chris this past summer. I especially love the "Hi Mom". So glad you & Chris had many visitors to travel with you. Have an awesome visit & travels with Megan and Sean!! Love, Mom M.


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