Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fubbiano Wine tour in Tuscany

The first morning in Tuscany our only real plan was to go on a wine tour at 1pm. Somehow even though we left a full hour and a half early we arrived with only twenty minutes to spare. Joking though, we know exactly why it took so long. We got suuuuuper duper lost up on hills that had better paved roads but with similar gradients to the one we took each day to the place we stayed at. I can't believe we didn't spend more gas than we did, being in first to third gear the entire time. The views made being lost worth it all. Even driving I could see the beauty when I wasn't praying around each blind corner.

 We were walked all through the winery and were given a tour on how they produce it. Seems pretty complicated to me.
Luckily for me there was a lot of food that went along with the wine. I'm not sure about wine tasting, it all smells the same to me, but I do know about wine tastings that come with food. They're the best.
On the road again. 

Today in real-time I get to start up again watching Chris' soccer games. He's had a bit of a hiatus with Belgium National games taking precedence over his league. It's so fun watching him here, each game he scores at least three goals, last time it was five! And it's one of my first ventures outside since my legs feel almost back to normal. I didn't realize that was the case until I realized I had to check the weather for this afternoon. I haven't checked since before Crete and it's been cloudy and off and on rain since the marathon...I've definitely become a hermit. Thankfully Sean and Megan will be here a week from now!

But back to blogging, Pisa tomorrow!

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