Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Home sweet home in Italy

Welcome to the hills of Tuscany! A few days ago we were on an Greek island in the middle of the Mediterranean and I still think this is more of paradise than that. My name may sound 100% Irish, especially now that I've become a Maloney, but the 50% Italian in my blood (and taste buds) seems to prefer Italy over every other place we've visited.

We stayed in what looked to be half castle/half country cottage. One of the craziest parts about this place was the drive to it. A climb of at least five switchbacks up a very gravelly road. I didn't and really couldn't shift out of first and the occasional three seconds of second  gear the entire way up. Longest three minutes of my day every time we returned from an outing. 

The coolest part about the apartment was the stone sink in the kitchen. If Anna hadn't read the description about the place I never would have even known; it is from the early 900's! 900. That is just crazy. Whenever Chris and I go places that are super old (hello, all of Europe) we'll touch the walls or the wood of a door, and brag to the other (usually in a jubilant whisper), "Touched the 13th century castle wall!" "Touched the original door of that church!" and so on. I made sure to touch the sink. 

The apartment also came with built-in friends. This guy didn't really like anyone though so I'm surprised this moment even happened.

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