Monday, October 14, 2013

Luxembourg Trails with Ryan and Anna

The first weekend Ryan and Anna were in town we went into adventure-mode and took to the hills in Luxembourg. It was our first trip to the tiny country and we set out with trails and castles in mind. My only regret is that the leaves hadn't begun turning before we got there. But still, what a wonderful way to start their visit! We hiked through the hills, in between rock labyrinths, and up the steepest set of stair and ladder combination I've ever attempted. Terrifying.  
Chris was my protector, watching my back as we ascended those stairs. When I took this picture of him at the summit I didn't even look through the lens. I was too afraid to look back down so I snapped a few shots hoping I caught him, with my eyes closed...

The last few minutes of the hike brought the sun with it. The slight chill in the air and the hint of golden leaves made me think of cross country days and how much I miss being in upstate New York either with my own team or coaching. I cannot wait for next autumn!

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