Thursday, October 31, 2013

On the road again in Crete

Last day in Greece found us on the beach all morning and on the road in the afternoon. We took to the hills and crossed the island on an adventure. Today's photos are coming to you from the hands of Christopher. I was supposed to teach him how to drive standard on this, our last trip with a rental car. But as it turns out, there are no such things as long stretches of road with no one on them or large parking lots with room to learn... I guess we should have expected that from every other European location we've gone but we naively thought otherwise. So I drove up and over the mountains with Chris as copilot as usual. I think it suited him just fine. It was definitely alright with me once we hit the continuous 180 degree switchbacks on either side of the White Mountains. Even driving I was getting carsick. Picture time! 

No deer crossings here, but plenty of goats! Sometimes they were actually laying right in the center of the road. They hopped up pretty quickly though. 

The rental car situation itself was pretty unusual here. If you've rented from any of the well-known names like Hertz, Avis and the like then you know it's usually a new to three year old car with little mileage and absolutely no problems. In Crete? Not the case. I used to get a good deal. It was a great deal, something like $14/day! That being said, it was probably a good 10+ year old car that struggled to maneuver the daunting climbs of the trip across the mountains. No power anything and dents and scratches galore. The funniest part of all? When we were to return the vehicle the guy said to just pull in the parking lot and someone would take us to the airport. We assumed it would be himself or someone else official looking. It turned out to be someone with no identifying outfit but a t-shirt and camo pants. I switched to the back seat and he drove us to the airport. We got out, gave each other puzzled looks over the top of the car and he waved and drove off. I'm still holding my breath, hoping we don't get a call from Greece about a stolen rental... 

47 days left guys!

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