Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Opera in Prague

This is it, the final post from Prague. I'm sad to leave it behind but it's time to move on since all thus happened a month ago now...! I just had to get in a shot of the apartment. We'll call this a "before" picture and here is...

The after! We're opera-ready 

Now, I need to prepare you for what you're about to see next. So take a seat before you scroll...

What a beautiful venue! I was struck speechless as soon as we walked in the door. When I first laid eyes on that chandelier, my jaw literally dropped open. It actually made me think of the Eastman Theater and I cannot wait to go home and attend a Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra concert as soon as possible. Maybe before Christmas?

The opera itself was sung in Czech but thanks to a tiny screen hanging just above the stage, we read English subtitles as the show went on. The show we watched can be translated into "The Bartered Bride" and is a three act comic opera. Beyond a doubt, everyone agreed that the best part of the show was the beginning of the second act. Picture this: the curtain rises, there are at least twenty men seated or standing across the stage and each is holding a beer. The first line: 'Beer is truly a gift from God!" I don't think Chris could have smiled any bigger.

Tomorrow we are heading into Marathon Recap mode and then rewinding afterwards to Anna and Ryan's time with us!

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