Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Friday!

We've been blessed the last few months to be going so many new places that I haven't been able to post one of these round-ups in like...a year. But there have been some fun things happening online and I had to share. So I'm doing a double post today. Here we go!

1. Freaky the Snowman is terrorizing people in Boston and I laughed out loud a lot.

2. Fairytales for 20 Somethings is now a book!

3. The Secret Downside to Travel. This girl summed up how I felt the fist six months living here. I have since then turned my mind around, but I might have to attribute that to the steady flow of guests and then the dwindling amount of days left once they all returned west. Here's a quote that stuck out to me:  "It felt lame to disclose it even to my family and friends, to admit that this European city I was lucky enough to move to felt closed to me." Anyway, the final two paragraphs rang true and in case you're interested, click away!

4. New Years Resolution cards.

5. Honestly, these pictures are the first ones that made me go "Aww babies!" I mean, of course I go "aww" at my friends and family's babies but I've never thought "aww I might want one" before. It was fleeting, don't get your hopes up. Still not really interested in general. Anywayyyyyyy: these are the cutest pictures of a toddler and his puppy that you've ever seen, (and many of you may have already seen them).

6. Paris vs. New York (Seriously, love this blog)

7. Got some time, porcelain you don't need and a girl who needs a DIY present? (That may include yourself, ladies)

8. History's instagrams

9. You know, for those people in your life (again, may include yourself)

10. For anyone who has moved. I read this on the regular during our stay here. Keep your heart open.

11. Been seeing these all over the place. Might just get one...

12. Need new Christmas decoration inspiration? You might have to translate the page, unless, you know, you read Finnish already.

We are in Vienna today and I am looking forward to the Christmas Market! I've been dreaming of coming here for a year. Back to the rest of the Paris posts on Monday. I hope you're all enjoying your lovely Thanksgiving week! 18 days (oh my goodness).

More Secret Spaces in Paris

Okay, onto another one of the suggestions from the great Messy Nessy Chic. Can you believe this is in Paris? It feels like stepping into the French countryside. Of which I know nothing about since the only place I've only been in France outside of Paris is Versailles...which is not reality.


18 days!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sunset on the Arc de Triomphe

This is my favorite view in Paris. We found our way to the Arc de Triomphe just as the sun decided to peek through the fog for the first time that day. It was nearing the end of the day, unfortunately that means 4:30pm in November, as we stepped into the sunlight at the top of the stairs.  What a view! The only other time I was privileged to stand atop here before was when my parents were visiting and it rained buckets on us, wind whipping around as we tried to enjoy the scenery. Compared to that, this was perfect weather.

A tiny glimpse of the Sacre Coeur 

Now, even though we're living in Europe I haven't forgotten our wonderful American holidays. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In case anyone wonders whether I have anything to be thankful for anything this holiday, I do. Quite a bit actually. For my God, for Chris, for my families, for my friends, for good food, for home again soon enough, for traveling, and for warm clothes when we're walking outside all the time everyday. In that order, I am thankful for those things and so much more! 

Last year we had a wonderful Thanksgiving for two here in the apartment but, though it was delicious chicken, afterwards we were both a little melancholy thinking of everyone back home. To combat the holiday-without-family-blues we're being proactive this year and heading off to experience the joys of Christmas in Austria. Vienna, here we come! 19 days from today we land! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's time to cook!

4.5" Egg pan

No, not me. I'm not cooking this time. Chris though, Chris will be cooking soon for sure. And maybe you! (I hope you!) And do you know why I'm bringing this up randomly in the middle of our trip to Paris? Because one of my very best friends, Matt, has started a company called Nest Homeware and it's all about cooking and being together, sharing a meal, and it is pretty freaking sweet. He launched his Kickstarter over the weekend, take a look:

If you're at work and can't watch the video, (for shame! ...nah just kidding), here are more pictures:
The complete set
9" Pan
Given that I've eaten apple pie about 4 times in the last 32 hours, I'm pretty excited to try another one in this!

 "Beautiful and functional, celebrating tactile sense and visual aesthetics. Cast iron Stick Pans from Nest Homeware have cooking surfaces that are ground smooth, in the tradition of brands like Griswold and Wagner."

This company isn't just about what you're cooking in but also about 
completing the dining experience, check out what else he's got going on:
Napkin Rings
We already have these candlesticks, as a wedding present. I love them. Finally, last but certainly not least:
CAD rendering of the dining table and benches. Iron legs, White Ash butcher block tops.

Cast iron cookware isn't made like this anymore. They're lifetime pieces and they're beautifully designed as well by Matt himself. Chris started doing research about them after we sent in our support and he is already planning dinners and so glad we'll own these soon enough.

It's a win win situation here, guys! Support Matt, support America (it's all made in Rhode Island!) and support your dinner experience with these pieces! Anything else you want to know about the project is on his Kickstarter page so head on over there and check it out! The pledge incentives alone are worth a look! I'm so proud of Matt, and I can't wait to watch him live out this dream of starting Nest Homeware! Could I use any more exclamation points in this post? Wait, yes, at least one more, because I am thrilled to be a part of it all, join me in all the excitement! So if you didn't get this before, click on this link to donate, support Matt and find out more. 

Now, just as a disclaimer, I did not take any of these photos. You can see them all over here as well, where I grabbed them from, on Matt's Kickstarter. 20 days!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Parisian Secret Garden

I cannot take credit for this trip to Paris. Seriously. The whole thing was basically planned from this blog, Messy Nessy Chic. This girl knows how to meet a new city. So I followed all of her suggestions of seeing Paris on a whole new level and that's basically how we spent our time all weekend. First stop, secret garden off of the Champs Elysées.

We sat here and ate our baguette sandwiches and felt like we were sneaking a peak into real Parisian living.

21 days

Monday, November 25, 2013

Paris: The Final Chapter

This is the view from our airbnb apartment...Montmartre, we'll be back. 

One final plug for Scotland, if you're a girl and own a subscription to Netflix...please watch The Decoy Bride. I'm watching it right now and I may just "rewind" it and start it over again as soon as it finishes, original suggestion from Doctor Who fan (you'll see), my little sister Megan. The following is from our last trip to Paris. When we left I was actually so sad for a moment until I realized we're still counting down the days and where I really want to be going on a train to is the airport with a plane ticket in my hand that says ROC on it. But here we are, for one last time (and eight posts) Paris, je t'aime.

In between this picture ^ and the following one, we took a two hour nap. I'd say that was a terrible waste of time in Paris, but when it's freezing out, you've tired your husband out from the activity-filled day and the restaurant doesn't open until seven but all the museums closed at five...well, naptime it is.

Best burger I've ever had. Don't judge because it was a burger. Chris got the special at least! We were the first ones there at 7:13 right after it opened but by 8pm the place was completely full. We left when we did because I realized that the couple walking through the door was about to be turned away and we'd been there for three hours, it was time to head into the food coma. Best part of the day! 

22 days

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