Friday, November 8, 2013

Allons-y to London!

This post is going to be a long one. But I figure that's perfect for a Friday because you can come back to it over and again on Saturday and Sunday to finish reading. Here we go! The first full day in London Megan and I hit the streets together since the guys were off to Liverpool. Our one and only real destination of the day? The TARDIS from Doctor Who. I am supposed to start watching the show soon, (and I will Megan!), but it's hard to do that when all I want to do is pack while watching anything and that's not really a show I should be doing that to I'm guessing. Anyway...we found it!

Afterwards we headed to Notting Hill and Portobello Road for the Saturday Market. Wow, was it crowded. We fought through for awhile until we decided to take a stroll through Hyde Park and down the road to Picadilly Circus. We walked a lotttt. I loved it.

Our day ended with a show in the West End. The special effects were amazing! Ben Kingsley and Harrison Ford were in it! Best part was the bargain pricing. Only 16 pounds per seat!  Which one, you ask? How did we get such a great deal? We saw...Ender's Game at The Odeon! Gotcha, right? Even for just a minute...? 

The next day we wandered around quite a bit again with Sean and Chris, letting Sean experience some of the sights that he didn't get to with us girls the day before. 

Then it was British Museum time! I love that most museums are free. Other big cities, take note. This rocks.
I really loved this vase. It's made of porcelain! I could have sat in front of it for hours. 

Chris, Chris, Chris. So unhappy when pictures are being taken of him. Wipe that scowl off your face and take notes from Megan and Sean. At least Sean's pretending to not be annoyed... :) But I do agree that after a full day of walking it was hard to grin and bear it. My feet were sore too. The next day I don't think we (everyone but Chris) even got out of bed until noon, and some even after that!

We ducked into a Starbucks on the opposite side of the street from the museum to get warm and have a drink before heading for our train back to Belgium. Funny enough, London is one of the only places in Europe without one in their major train stations. I mean c'mon. Even Belgium is on board with that one. 

39 DAYS! A new digit for the first number! Wahoo!

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