Friday, November 22, 2013

Goodbye, Edinburgh!

Our final day in Scotland we wandered the streets with our backpacks on, getting in the last of it as we made our way slowly to the airport.

Our first stop of the morning was actually this building which houses George Heirot's School. Fun fact: J. K. Rowling wrote her first few Harry Potter books in a nearby cafe and reputedly modeled Hogwarts after this location! So naturally I pretended I was heading there for my first day of classes...

The cafe Rowling frequented is this one to the left, right near Greyfriars Bobby (if you click on the link, look up this story by clicking around on that site. I love this little guy!). She would sit in the back along the windows and look out over the city of Edinburgh. I definitely agree with this post that mentions the fact that this is a city where one can imagine people with magical powers strolling along the little lanes. 

In the morning we realized that much of the main section of the Royal Mile was blocked off for Remembrance Day activities (Veterans Day in the US). Thank you, veterans. I'm a few days behind blog-wise but I'm always grateful. 

Quick shift into the warmth and beauty-filled rooms of the Scottish National Gallery. We even got to see "The Kiss" the sculpture you see above, by Rodin. Personally I loved the flowing marble of the dresses on the sisters below. Plus that ice skating Preacher! So whimsical. Also, did you notice? That's Niagara Falls in the background on the left! 

Last item on our list of things to do in Edinburgh was finding this little walkway that mostly locals only are privy to. It runs along a small river and passes by houses and neighborhoods off the tourist beat. It really must be true because it was basically deserted our entire time on it. I love finding the secret spaces.

Goodbye, Scotland. You were good to us (well, mostly. Chris did get sick from too many jalapenos on those nachos...) and I would love to come back to you someday. 25 days, Rochester!

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  1. Kelly, Scotland is pretty much at the top of my list for the next place to visit in Europe. I really like how almost all the pictures you posted did not have any other people in them. It's just the way I picture it as a gray green quiet ancient countryside.


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