Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Friday!

We've been blessed the last few months to be going so many new places that I haven't been able to post one of these round-ups in like...a year. But there have been some fun things happening online and I had to share. So I'm doing a double post today. Here we go!

1. Freaky the Snowman is terrorizing people in Boston and I laughed out loud a lot.

2. Fairytales for 20 Somethings is now a book!

3. The Secret Downside to Travel. This girl summed up how I felt the fist six months living here. I have since then turned my mind around, but I might have to attribute that to the steady flow of guests and then the dwindling amount of days left once they all returned west. Here's a quote that stuck out to me:  "It felt lame to disclose it even to my family and friends, to admit that this European city I was lucky enough to move to felt closed to me." Anyway, the final two paragraphs rang true and in case you're interested, click away!

4. New Years Resolution cards.

5. Honestly, these pictures are the first ones that made me go "Aww babies!" I mean, of course I go "aww" at my friends and family's babies but I've never thought "aww I might want one" before. It was fleeting, don't get your hopes up. Still not really interested in general. Anywayyyyyyy: these are the cutest pictures of a toddler and his puppy that you've ever seen, (and many of you may have already seen them).

6. Paris vs. New York (Seriously, love this blog)

7. Got some time, porcelain you don't need and a girl who needs a DIY present? (That may include yourself, ladies)

8. History's instagrams

9. You know, for those people in your life (again, may include yourself)

10. For anyone who has moved. I read this on the regular during our stay here. Keep your heart open.

11. Been seeing these all over the place. Might just get one...

12. Need new Christmas decoration inspiration? You might have to translate the page, unless, you know, you read Finnish already.

We are in Vienna today and I am looking forward to the Christmas Market! I've been dreaming of coming here for a year. Back to the rest of the Paris posts on Monday. I hope you're all enjoying your lovely Thanksgiving week! 18 days (oh my goodness).

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