Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holyrood Palace Abbey

Chris and I stumbled through the entrance to these ruins after wandering around beautifully detailed rooms that the Queen of England still resides in each summer. In 1128 this Abbey was founded by King David I and it lasted for 640 years until in 1768 the roof collapsed during a storm. Before then the place of worship had undergone quite a few traumatizing events and maybe this storm was the last straw before it was allowed to rest in peace. 

It was sad to see such a grand building in ruins but that made it more beautiful to me somehow. We have seen our fair share of ancient and mesmerizing churches this year but one step inside this one and found myself standing with breath bated. Maybe it was the autumn leaves stretching golden fingers through the windows, just as enchanting and lovely as any stained glass. Or maybe it was when the rain started to fall lightly and land on my hair that I felt closer to God in this church than in many of the opulent, marble and gilded naves I'd been in before. After all, isn't He in everything, all around us? In the wind and falling leaves and the rain as well? What I know for certain is that I was captivated by those weather-worn stones. It made the entire visit worthwhile.

27 days!

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