Monday, November 4, 2013

Last glimpse of Crete

The sun sets soft and slowly in Greece. The light stays pale pink and blue for over an hour. We walked down the street from our apartment looking for a new restaurant and stumbled onto one that looked fit for a wedding reception. Honestly, I would have held ours there if the neighbors wouldn't mind the music (and we had oodles of money to transport all our guests to Greece...). 

Behind us were more tables, out on the rocks along the ocean buuuut every one of them was filled with customers and I didn't think they'd enjoy me taking their pictures. You'll just have to imagine it. 

I'm saying goodbye to Greece today and heading back to Belgium with Megan and Sean! They actually just left, bound for Rochester on the 31st. I wasn't sad in the airport, no tears like in the beginning. When we came home from dropping them off it was a different story but only for a short time. Because we truly don't have too long of a time left here. Just 43 days...

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