Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NO. Sorry, no. Not yet. Not finished.


In Europe, this would never happen. I could sit there with an empty plate for an hour and still no one would disturb me unless I made eye contact, waved them over, or actually physically got out of my seat to ask for the bill. Not the check, that's confusing here. The bill. Or "de rekening" in Dutch. The reckoning! Ahh Belgium, you kill me. 

So I guess there are a few things that I will miss about Europe. This would be one of them. But it's a double edged sword this whole waiters-not-bothering-you-and-taking-your-food-away-early because they also hardly come around. Sometimes it's hard to get that extra portion of fries they forgot to bring or the check (sorry, b-i-l-l) when you're done before closing time as all the other guests are wont to stay until. But you know what? I basically just want to be at home in New York. Impatient, nagging waiters attempting to turn over tables for tips and all. 42 days.

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