Monday, November 25, 2013

Paris: The Final Chapter

This is the view from our airbnb apartment...Montmartre, we'll be back. 

One final plug for Scotland, if you're a girl and own a subscription to Netflix...please watch The Decoy Bride. I'm watching it right now and I may just "rewind" it and start it over again as soon as it finishes, original suggestion from Doctor Who fan (you'll see), my little sister Megan. The following is from our last trip to Paris. When we left I was actually so sad for a moment until I realized we're still counting down the days and where I really want to be going on a train to is the airport with a plane ticket in my hand that says ROC on it. But here we are, for one last time (and eight posts) Paris, je t'aime.

In between this picture ^ and the following one, we took a two hour nap. I'd say that was a terrible waste of time in Paris, but when it's freezing out, you've tired your husband out from the activity-filled day and the restaurant doesn't open until seven but all the museums closed at five...well, naptime it is.

Best burger I've ever had. Don't judge because it was a burger. Chris got the special at least! We were the first ones there at 7:13 right after it opened but by 8pm the place was completely full. We left when we did because I realized that the couple walking through the door was about to be turned away and we'd been there for three hours, it was time to head into the food coma. Best part of the day! 

22 days


  1. My favorite Paris post so far (that fog!)
    Also, I can't wait to check out The Decoy Bride :)

    Meg Sortore

  2. Yay Decoy Bride and Doctor Who!!! :) (seriously, I watch that movie like once a week..)


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