Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rainbows in Paris!

If you are either a friend of mine on facebook or instagram than you probably already knew this little fact. But still, you guys. We got to see a rainbow behind the Eiffel Tower. That was a pretty amazing moment. We were standing in the Champs de Mars metro stop watching all the rain-soaked Parisians darting down the stairs to escape the rain when I noticed the sun was still shining. I took to the steps and motioned Megan and Sean to follow. Without umbrellas I'm sure they were wary to go out into the downpour but hey, who's got the map, heh heh heh. I knew where the tower was and since the sun was shining behind us as we headed towards it I crossed my fingers as we sprinted across the road to a good viewing point and voilà! Rainbow!  

Excitement at the Tower!

I wish I'd had the presence of mind on their last night here to get the video Megan took while we stared up at the Tower but I forgot. It's hilarious in a Hanlon-family sort of way so maybe it's not really that funny at all to outsiders. Either way, someday I may post it as a rewind...Megan? Want to send it on over?

Tomorrow I've got a bit from Day 2 in Paris with these guys and then next week we're moving on to Edinburgh which was awesooooooome. 33 days, you guys. THIRTY THREE!


  1. Absolutely stunning! Wishing I was in Paris for something like this! ;)
    xo TJ

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