Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rosslyn Chapel

Something I forgot to mention in previous posts about our trip here is actually a thing I'm pretty proud of. When Chris and I decided to do London for our anniversary I realized that we would be heading to the UK for three more trips during our stay in Europe. So we got quite a bit of cash changed over from Euros to Pounds for anytime our credit card wouldn't be accepted. After our trips to London and Liverpool were over we discovered we still had 95 British Pounds left. We were determined to spend every last pence and try not to exceed that during our three day trip, meaning we were going to leave our credit and debit cards out of the picture. Impossible, you say? Well, that's true, we did get on the plane with 8 pence left in our pockets.

What a fantastic little Scottish cottage!

But the reason I'm telling you all about this money stuff is because when we arrived in Roslin, with an aim to visit the Rosslyn Chapel (home to supposed connections to Freemasonry and the Knights Templar, both debunked), we discovered it had a rather hefty price tag attached to its exploration. 9 pounds per visitor. That's almost 15 dollars to see this rather teeny church. No matter how historic...that's too steep a price for me. And it definitely didn't fit into our weekend budget. So we backed out of the ticketing area and walked outside. The picture above is all that can be seen of the Chapel from the road. There is a rather large concrete wall blocking most of it from the poor public such as ourselves. Once outside we decided to stroll further down the road past the Chapel since we had taken the bus all the way out here. A little ways down the road, while I took a picture of the surrounding hills and their changing fall colors, Chris discovered a little path. I followed him down it and this is what we found...

Didn't even have to pay to see it. 

And we were treated to even more fantastic views around the corner from the church that we wouldn't have otherwise!
And now the entire thing has been viewed. 

This is the other side of that little door I took a picture of earlier. I thought it was probably is but we walked through quickly and pretended it was an everyday occasion for us to be in that backyard... Back down the road into the small town we decided it was time for food and found a seriously quaint little restaurant across the road from the bus stop. We took our time eating nachos (??), thick sandwiches and french onion soup all with two and half cups each of delightful English Breakfast Tea. I guess you could say this was kind of a strange meal but the waiter didn't even blink at our order.

Another successful outside-the-city experience but now it's back down the road to Edinburgh. One last day in Scotland until we head off into Parisian territory! And only 26 days until we touch down in Rochester, NY!!!

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