Thursday, November 7, 2013

Southbank strolling at night

We had two trips scheduled for when Megan and Sean were visiting. The first was London which also included a side trip to Liverpool. Who am I kidding, that's really why we were going there in the first place, but I'll let Chris expand on that another day. Back to London. Our first night there we got in right around dinner time and we though, what better way to get food then see some sights along the way.

A little plug for this new video app one that my friend Kevin from college worked on. 
I love it. It's like tiny music videos of your life. Download it if you've got the means. 

We wandered along the "Queens Walk" and got to see it all after we ate burritos at a Mexican food truck just across the Thames from St Paul's. I love London. We had the perfect fall weather while we were there, again, thank you Megs and Sean for the sunshine! 40 more days left here and tomorrow we're heading off to Edinburgh for three days to split this last month and a half up even more. 

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  1. Yay 40 days then you're back home!!!! Safe & Fun travels on your trip to Edinburgh!! Love Mom oxox


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