Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sunset on the Arc de Triomphe

This is my favorite view in Paris. We found our way to the Arc de Triomphe just as the sun decided to peek through the fog for the first time that day. It was nearing the end of the day, unfortunately that means 4:30pm in November, as we stepped into the sunlight at the top of the stairs.  What a view! The only other time I was privileged to stand atop here before was when my parents were visiting and it rained buckets on us, wind whipping around as we tried to enjoy the scenery. Compared to that, this was perfect weather.

A tiny glimpse of the Sacre Coeur 

Now, even though we're living in Europe I haven't forgotten our wonderful American holidays. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In case anyone wonders whether I have anything to be thankful for anything this holiday, I do. Quite a bit actually. For my God, for Chris, for my families, for my friends, for good food, for home again soon enough, for traveling, and for warm clothes when we're walking outside all the time everyday. In that order, I am thankful for those things and so much more! 

Last year we had a wonderful Thanksgiving for two here in the apartment but, though it was delicious chicken, afterwards we were both a little melancholy thinking of everyone back home. To combat the holiday-without-family-blues we're being proactive this year and heading off to experience the joys of Christmas in Austria. Vienna, here we come! 19 days from today we land! 

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  1. Enjoy your trip to Austria. We miss you and wish you both a very Happy Thanksgiving. See you soon.


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