Thursday, December 12, 2013


I have something to admit. Before we left for this trip I didn't even want to go. I don't know what I thought to gain by staying back in Belgium that weekend. Honestly, it's not as if Chris and I sitting in our tiny apartment that weekend instead of exploring this Spanish city would have sped up time but I felt as though that's what would have happened. How wrong I was. And how glad I am now that we went! My favorite part about this city was the imaginative and distinctive architecture found throughout it. But first, a quick overview in pictures!

And lastly, a tiny view of the sea before we retired to the subway for a final journey on it and reemerged only minutes later to night, twilight long past already. The sun here was just beautiful, it felt as if it were perpetually two hours from sunset with the long golden rays of the low-set sun always on us. I love this time of year for those long shadows. It makes me continually grateful for even an hour of the sun.

5 days left. Insane. I get butterflies every time I think of leaving here. In a very good way. Lately, when we mention how much we love America and can't wait to get back, people have been saying to us (on multiple occasions) that it's nothing special and we'll miss Europe. That might be true to an extent. I will miss the travel to these places I've only seen in movies and read about in books. But what I've come to realize during our time here are the priorities I want to put into my life. And what I value most on this earth after my relationship with God are my relationships with the people in my life. When I think of the time and money and effort so many of our family and friends put into getting over here during our 17 month stay I am struck speechless with gratitude and a little breathless with the reality that I cannot pay back that generosity of spirit and actual wealth any time soon but that I want to in time spent with them all in the coming years. I'm overwhelmed with the love we have in our lives. And those who couldn't come out but called on a regular basis or video chatted with us, or sent even the sporadic out of the blue text to let me know they were thinking about's all too much. That is why I want to move home so much because the saying "home is where your heart is" is true. Chris and I left a lot of heart in the good old USA.

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