Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Casa Batlló

You are about to step through this curvy door to a crazy imaginative world where there are barely any straight lines and no right angles. Natural light finds it's way into every room to bring sun to each corner of the crazy world Gaudi created.

This photo was taken as we stood in the tiny balcony at the very top of the house. You walk into the room it's off of and there is an employee of the house standing there ushering visitors to take their turn on the balcony...which has a camera...and you smile for it like you're on a roller coaster at Disney. Which was kind of okay except that it made me feel like we couldn't be out there for long even though room behind of was void of a line. The picture they took actually came out pretty great. Not 20-euros-to-purchase-great, but still, great. 

We are home!!! Hopefully as you're reading this we are either on our way to get the car, have gotten the car and are driving home or are signing the papers for said car...! YAY AMERICA! I don't really have any words to describe Casa Batlló any more than these pictures already did for me...which is why there are so many of them. So this is all there is to it. A house, beautifully designed, and left for us all to enjoy. 

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  1. All I can say, "YOU CAPTURED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PICTURES" thanks for sharing and WELCOME HOME!!


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