Friday, December 20, 2013

Farewell to Leuven

Since it's Friday of the week we returned to the US I thought I would put the extra effort in and end our time in Belgium on this blog. I don't truly think that that will end up being the case since I'm already remembering posts I've had floating around in my head but haven't put into typed words yet...but this will most likely be the end of consistent Monday through Friday posting. Since we arrived Tuesday evening we've bought a car, started moving in to the new apartment (Chris is packing two cars up as I type), went to the East Ave Wegmans (YAY), got to hug most of the family and a few friends, Chris has had five interviews (four of them are happening between 12:00 and 4:30 today) and he also defended his thesis yesterday and is now a graduate with a Masters degree! It's been busy. I have loved every minute.

Today's post it a tiny recap of the city we lived in for 17 months. I spent the last very sunny week walking through town to my favorite places and taking video of it all because as much as pictures tell a story and give an impression, this is a two minute reminder of our once-home with a song that was stuck in my head for much of our time there.

Thank you so much, all my faithful readers. This isn't goodbye to the blog as well, just goodbye to the days of no responsibilities and only trip planning and tv shows to fill my time. Today is the end of time spent editing pictures and running all day long. I'm thankful for those days looking back on it now, but I am also a person who loves to be busy, I think I thrive on it. Which all means that I am thankful to get started on this new bit of my life. Thank you Leuven and goodbye! 

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  1. We're going to miss the daily posts that highlighted your travels but it's better to have you guys home. Welcome home! Your blog will evolve. We'll be watching.


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