Friday, December 13, 2013

Parc Güell

We almost missed getting to Parc Guell. It's hard to squeeze everything there is to see in a city in a mere two days. I mean I know that isn't even possible, to see everything. After seeing Baudi's Casa Batlló I wanted to see as much of his works in the city as possible so we added this to the list and thought, if we could get there before sunset that it would be worth it. Needless to say I'm grateful Barcelona is a few hours south of Leuven so we had an extra hour of sunlight there! 

We didn't pay extra to go into the Gaudi section of the park, a section that they just recently began charging people to enter, but I think we got the gist of it. I'm glad we were there for the sunset. We got to see it set over the city as we walked through the park on our last day in town. The very first thing we did was go to what ended up being my favorite part of Barcelona so these posts are not chronological by any means.

4 days left here in Europe. Today is Chris' final day of work in Belgium. We're meeting his coworkers in the center for ice skating and drinks. I'm wondering how well that combination will go together.

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  1. oh no ice skating & drinks, be careful!!!! but i would love to see that haha!! see you in 4 days!!!!:)


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