Monday, December 2, 2013

Paris High Rise

Two summers ago Chris and I visited Erin while she lived in New York City. She was nannying two adorable little boys and we drove with her to work one morning. She dropped  us off afterwards and we slowly wandered about 120 blocks back to her apartment rather than brave the subways (such scaredy-cat travelers back then, no public transport, no!). On the way we passed the High Rise and I remembered reading about it so we located the stairs and walked along it, pretending to be locals. I recently found out that Paris also has a High Rise! Come take a walk along it with us. 

We were definitely the only tourists on the path, another secret place! It was filled with Sunday strolling and joggers everywhere. I for one would have a love/hate relationship with running up here. Maybe on a week night, or during the day when no one is out, but otherwise, you'd be navigating quite the crowd if you want to go any speed above "walk" so I'd opt for a larger pathway. Paris in the fall has definitely become my favorite time to be there. It's just beautiful. But then again, I think any city in the fall might be the real statement I mean to make. I love Autumn.

15 more days until our flight home! I have tons of cleaning to do today since our landlord is coming in two days to check everything out! Eish, gotta get the elbow grease out. I always think of my cousins Sandra and Patti when I hear that phrase. I won't spill the beans on that story though. If you know them, ask them about it.

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