Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Plane Pictures II

Today's post is a tribute to what we'll be doing for over 10 hours today! These were taken to and from Barcelona. I love seeing the mountains below me when I'm flying. I imagine who's reached the tops of them and if maybe not a single human foot has stepped to the tops of some of them yet. 

Such a cool view of the city before landing.

And finally, the sun rising on our way out of Spain. The sun stayed with us our entire last week and a half in Belgium and for that I am extremely grateful! I'm prepared to head into the snowy, freezing grayness that is Rochester now.

The flight above was taken on our way home from Scotland. At that point we had three trips left, with two flights there and back to Vienna, the same to Barcelona and a final trip to Rochester, NY with two flights in once direction. Landing today in Rochester at 5:12pm...here we come!!!

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