Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Schonbrunn Palace may have been my favorite part of Vienna. The grounds were vast and while wandering through them, the sun decided to come out, making it all the more wonderful. I read ahead about it online and realized that we should probably get there right when it opens since there really isn't a time that it's deserted, no matter the time of year. I'm guessing that Christmastime actually revitalizes this area with tourists because I can't be the only one that learned online about the dozen or so markets in this one city.

The benefits of being the first ones there!

This is an adorable cafe. And by adorable I mean grand, opulent and gorgeous. We tried to go in and eat a late breakfast there and when we asked if there was room for two, we were basically laughed out of the place. The look they gave us was something along the lines of "Aww, poor fools...are you seriously trying to get in without reservations at 10:30am?" but oh well! We made our way down to the palace entrance once again for some more Christmas market action and the food and hot drinks there instead.

There is a funny story to go along with the two photos above. (If you've heard this before...these are the ones I was talking about) Small preface to the story; a weird thing about Europe, or at least our area, is that there aren't any squirrels around. So while we were walking down the pathways back to the entrance we noticed this little guy! He reminded me of one of the Sword in the Stone squirrels so I pulled out my camera. When I did that he stopped moving, just like a squirrel in New York would right before he's about to bolt back up the tree. I told Chris to stop moving so we wouldn't scare him off and snapped a photo. Surprisingly the next thing he did was jump down off the branch and come a step towards us. Gleefully I pulled my camera back up to my eye and tried to get a closer shot when he darted...towards me...and jumped on my leg. !!! I yelped and kicked my leg out and heard Chris yelling too. The squirrel dashed quickly off my leg and into the trees. Chris and I both stared at each other and started laughing in disbelief. Apparently these squirrels are very used to people since they're fed by the locals who come into the park regularly. I kept shaking my leg afterwards, I could still feel the tiny little paws and claws on my pant leg. Blaugh! I can still feel them! Almost lost my computer to the floor just now kicking my leg out again.  

7 days! Oh my gosh I can't believe in one week we'll be flying in a plane right now as you read this. OH MY GOSH!

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