Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trianons and Hamlets; Versailles further down the path

I remember heading back on the train to Paris and looking over the map of Versailles with my Mom and Dad and realizing that we missed quite a bit of the estate. We couldn't have seen it all in one day anyway but it was a treat to get the chance to see what we'd missed before this time around. The Queen's garden and estate are charming and beautiful. I'm so glad they were preserved for so long. An escape from the royal, busy court life that I would have taken gladly, and often, as Marie Antoinette did.

The Grand and Petit Trianon were lovely; smaller, less grand versions of the palace itself. What I loved most about them was all the pink marble everywhere. It felt to me a little like Barbie's 17th century dream house. 

12 days


  1. You're pictures of Paris have been fantastic. See you both soon.

  2. Did you hear the Kim and Kanye want to get married at Versailles? Please make it stop. (this is one reason America is not as great as you think)


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