Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New trip locale? ...Chris?


It's 1 degree outside. Singular. Saying that, wouldn't you just love to spend a few hours in this place? Sign me up.

via Ann Street Studio

Thursday, January 23, 2014

People are Everything.

I'm not sure why I never posted this. I wrote it back in October right after the marathon. Maybe that's why I didn't. I was all wrapped up in marathon recaps and this got lost along the way. But anyway...here's a little something from my brain three months back. The picture is from only a month back but it shows a lot of those people who came to visit. Aaaaaand go:

 (photo credit goes to Dave Sous!)

I've come to realize that truth, that "people are everything", more and more as time goes on. Especially being removed from most of those that I love for such a long time. I was torturing myself on a particularly homesick day with a trip down memory lane (aka my own facebook page) and came across this beauty:


Mike McGposted
Okay a few things. (Christopher...you'll want to read this too)

1. I read your blog last night and it was the weirdest/coolest thing ever to see pictures of Chris and I walking away from your apartment that morning, on my computer in my house that evening. So weird. So cool.
2. I showed both my parents the blog post and they liked it a lot 
3. I just got done showing my parents your wedding video and here were a few comments:

Mom: "Wow she's pretty...Ahh! (reaction to when Chris saw you for the first time followed by...) I can't believe this, I'm crying...That balloon is cool, I love the way she smiles...go back to when he saw her for the first time, I love that...this was awesome, amazing. It was exceptional. It was beautiful, tell her I cried."

Dad: "Yep, that's her smile...Chris looks skinny."

lol. so yeah. that's what just went down. Sorry you didn't get the bountiful comments that Kelly did Chris, but my mom still likes you based on the one hs soccer game you attended with us.

Okay that's all. P.S. I'll get that top ten to ya soon


I just wanted to share that with you all. Because in sharing it here, I won't lose it so easily to my less-than-perfect-memory. I love when people have a talent for words. Mike is definitely one of those people. Words are what I have to cherish here where physical beings are less than available. So thank you for the words, everyone. Texts, inbox-conversations, g-chats, phone calls, emails, letters and video chats. You'll never know how much they mean to me here. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My new nook and other good places to read

I think I started drooling over this little nook from the moment I saw the online ad for this apartment. It has finally been outfitted with a tiny chair and some colorful cotton lights so I can read to my heart's content. The only problem is the wind blowing right in from that window you see on the left...I may have to wait until Spring. For now, the couch will do.

As I sat reading my book last night and looking over at the nook I started thinking about another of my favorite places involving books and reading...namely De Dry Coppen in Leuven, Belgium. Take a trip there with me, won't you?

What's wrong with this picture? We shouldn't be able to browse through books in a cafe in Belgium right? Luckily no, wrong. This whole back section of the second floor is for English reading patrons! Lovely.

Speaking of books, has anyone read a really good one lately? I loved the Cuckoo's Nest. So much so that I actually just finished it for the second time...I need to get more books on my iPod for late-night-not-to-disturb-Chris-reading. I've heard recently that The Goldfinch is spectacular. I'm going to give it a try. I'll let you know how it goes. 

New York!
These next two photos are from Erin and her glorious photography skills and in the sunlight:

Definitely one of the things I know I'll miss someday from Leuven; having hot chocolate and looking through books in this place. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I saw this making the rounds of the internet right after I drafted this post many months ago. But for those who haven't yet seen it...enjoy: 

via laughing squid

I figured I'd keep going with my dance theme yesterday. Apparently I'm feeling the need for a little celebration. Tonight is Chris' play-offs with the indoor team he joined immediately following our landing in Rochester. Maybe we'll have something to celebrate later tonight!

Monday, January 20, 2014

After the Rain, a New York City Ballet Short and some trip planning

It's been a month since I found the time to post anything and a month and three days since we landed here in New York! Things are finally settling down here. In fact they've settled so much that I had my first "now, where next?" moment. We already have our first trip in the works and it's coming up soon so fingers crossed we'll be on the road in three weekends! For now, here's a long-delayed video I wanted to share with you all:

New York City Ballet filmed New Beginnings at sunrise on the 57th floor of 4 World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. This stunning short film features two of the company’s dancers, Maria Kowroski and Ask la Cour. It captures an extraordinary and moving performance of Christopher Wheeldon’s After the Rain. The film is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and a tribute to the future of the city that New York City Ballet calls home. 

via swiss miss

I love ballet. Happy Monday!

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