Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Girls Day

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of watching my two nieces on a Friday. It was all tea cups and dress up (in a Captain America outfit...) and attempts at naps. It reminded me of my nanny days in the best way because these girls are the greatest.


 Chris asked me to send him pictures all day because we're still trying to get our fill of these kids. 
We missed them so much while we were away!

"Take a pitcha of me with my toys"
"Ooo, oo me too!"
I like to call this next picture "'Nap' Time"
And this last one little B gives her predictions on K actually taking a nap.

A year and a half away didn't affect most of our relationships with family and friends. Things changed in all our lives but in that slow glacial way that starts happening in the stage after college when you're still figuring being a grown up out. Where we did notice a change was in these kids! Since we left, B started kindergarten and moved from tigers to superheros, K started talking and discovered a personality all her own, and the happiest little baby B was born! I'm so happy to be back in their lives; a year and a half changed them all so much! Here's to catching up and here's to a colorful, sunny girl's day in dreary February!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Celebration Time

Happy Birthday Christopher!

Chris is a wonderful, hilarious, joyous addition to my life. I'm so thankful that a little over seven (7?!) years ago he motioned to the open seat beside me on a train in Boston and after he sat down I turned to him and said "you're on my team, aren't you?" What an opening line to what has been the best team I've ever been on.

Here's a small throwback to New Years (which I have still to blog about...I'm getting bad at this game) I love that we are going to spend the next 2,871,940,731 New Years' together along with all the birthdays, Christmases, first summer days, soccer games, road trips, occasional sunrises, winter nights, 5k races (where you'll beat me), 10k races (where I'll beat you), family vacations, cabin weekends, autumn sunsets, plane trips, train trips...you get the picture...

To my favorite person, best friend, only love; my husband: thank you for being on my team. I love you today and every day, happy birthday!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Routes Runners Take


One of my favorite parts about being back in Rochester is that I already know all the running routes to take and how long they are. I'm literally reintroducing myself to the city step by step. Not much has changed in the way of architecture, but after running all through Europe it's definitely comforting to have familiar paths to run along. In a few days I'm going to recap our Providence, Rhode Island trip including a running post (of course) but for now I stumbled across this collection of maps that Statistician Nathan Yau put together to show the routes runners tend to take in various big cities. Looks like water is the way to go, or parks. Or parks with water. Check it out:

Washington, DC

New York



I can only really vouch for London and Paris so far but I am very excited to go for runs in DC, Boston and New York sometime (this year hopefully)! A few years back, during the crises of getting our visas while visiting Erin in the meantime, Chris and I were able to run a little bit in New York but we stuck to Central Park. Along with the rest of the city it seemed. I'm looking forward to trying the waterside. 

via here and here

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blustery Wednesday Blizzard

To a dog I'm sure there are few things greater in this life than a really good game of fetch. 
Deidrict certainly seemed to think so. 

He's lucky he got a good human like Leigha to oblige! 

Here's to another snowy weekend coming up and (hopefully, fingers crossed really tightly) our first American trip since being back! Providence, Rhode Island and Matt...we are coming for you if the snow lets us through! It will be a Rhode trip...get it?

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